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  • Immediately, gently pick up your puppy, take them outside, and praise them heartily when they finish up.
  • After a while, your furry friend will come to know that she will soon have a chance to relieve herself — resulting in fewer accidents in the house.
  • It’s best to choose a secluded area such as a meadow or dirt road for dog training.
  • It underscores that pit bull training is less about curbing aggression and more about unlocking the potential of these wonderfully devoted companions.
  • You should be equipped and ready to start housetraining your new dog from the moment that you bring him home.

Finding the correct rewards can make or break your potty training plan for success. Some puppies respond to treats, while others respond to playtime or a specific toy. Experiment with various prizes to see which ones work best for your puppy. Just keep in mind that the prize should be something they actually value and find interesting. No matter your dog’s age or training history, start with establishing a consistent, everyday schedule for potty breaks. After a while, your furry friend will come to know that she will soon have a chance to relieve herself — resulting in fewer accidents in the house.

Once your little canine understands the behavior you’re looking for, hide the treats. Always praise your dog for a job well done, but occasionally reward with treats as well. The more a behavior becomes a habit, the less you need the treats. If you have to leave the house for hours at a time, set up a space for your puppy to hang out. Put the crate with your puppy’s bed in the area as well as a potty pad. To set yourself up for success, Gillihan says that training begins before you get a puppy.

Quick Dog Training Advise for Beginners (Updated

Beyond specific techniques and actions, there are a few key factors to understand when learning how to train a pitbull puppy. It is important to remain patient with your Pitbull, especially if they are new or young. It can take weeks or even months for training to start sinking in. It will also help you remain calm and make it easier to choose positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement.

The best time to start potty training is when your puppy is weeks old. By this age, they have enough control over their bladder and bowel movements to learn where to go potty. To effectively teach your dog the “down” command, you will need patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement techniques. Puppy Trained Right memberships cost about $299, and you get one year of access to all of the site’s training content. Its methods are based on positive reinforcement, and the video-based format gives you the flexibility to work at your pace rather than committing to a class schedule.

Now, there’s no denying that those techniques can be effective. Or there are commercial treats available in the store that are high-value. Now, what makes a treat high value is when your pup doesn’t get it often. Some parents figure that being in control is simply choosing the area to train Fido. So you’re actually saving yourself time by following this tip. When that happens, the cue you worked hard for can become ineffective.

Build a house-training schedule

Take note of how your mood impacts your dog and adjust accordingly. This is especially important if your dog is reactive (meaning they can overreact in response to certain triggers). It’s embarrassing and frightening when your dog is barking and growling at other dogs or people, but if you get worked up, it will only feed your dog’s reaction. However, if you project an air of relaxed confidence, it will help your dog trust you have things under control. Make it easier for your dog to learn a new language by giving each behavior a single, unique cue.

I used special disposable training pads in the beginning and gradually moved the training outdoors. Consistency is vital, so I took my puppy out frequently, especially after meals and naps. Rewarding my pit bull for doing their business outside with positive reinforcement turned this daunting task into a manageable part of our routine. Remember, the goal of gathering these supplies isn’t just to have them but to create an environment where learning is fun, engaging, and rewarding for your pit bull. With the right preparation, training your pit bull can be a fulfilling experience that strengthens your bond and ensures your dog grows into a well-behaved family pet. In summary, understanding the factors contributing to the perception of Pit Bulls as stubborn dogs can help you approach their training more effectively.