Reader matter:

While I was younger (i am 27 today), I happened to be a jerk. We lied, cheated, utilized medicines, don’t love my personal appearance, didn’t come with skill or training, had been away from shape. And females ADORED myself.

I have a fantastic job, a broad group of buddies, a healthy human body, creative talent and sharp clothing. I’m good-looking, sincere, sweet, understanding, educated. Now that I’ve obtained my entire life collectively, females are not appearing very thinking about me personally whatsoever.

Tend to be women threatened by me? Are they turned off since it is me correcting myself, maybe not all of them? Carry out females like jerks?

-John (Maryland)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear John,

We smell one thing a little fishy.

As you paint a common picture of exactly how some females with an anxious attachment design get triggered by contradictory poor boys, i’m only a little skeptical that ladies tend to be rejecting you because you are now a great man.

Indeed, i am actually slightly suspicious that one could have undergone a personality and moral transformation of these magnitude in such a brief period of the time.

Given, throwing a medication routine can easily transform your individuality, so that your tale may be totally correct.

Or simply you are nonetheless inside the « working truly, very difficult to evolve » phase as they are feeling a tiny bit resentful that the character building you have accomplished goes undetected.

One particular destination to direct that resentment is toward women who tend to be overlooking you.

Kindly know one of the items that takes place when somebody cleans right up their particular existence and becomes a task is because they enter an innovative new fellow class, one which might bring some personal anxiousness.

You stepped up to a new group, son. Congrats. And there are different personal guidelines where group.

My suggestion: hold off and see. Then you will know exactly ideas on how to act after right kind of girl comes into the radar.

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